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I help tech entrepreneurs create better web & mobile apps, faster by compressing months of work into days.




Create better digital products, faster.

My name is Vasil Nedelchev a UX consultant from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. I dropped out of art school to become a designer in 2007. Since then I’ve been designing all kind of digital products.

Three things become apparent to me in this 10+ years:

If you don’t have a strategy – you fail.
if you don’t talk to your customers – you fail.
If you don’t experiment often – you fail.

I failed a lot. And I’ve been part of super capable, hardworking teams that fail.

I needed a change.

I’ve spent the last couple of years in educating myself on how the most successful tech startups design products.

What I offer you now is a more holistic approach that is not only user-centered but also business-minded with focus on strategy to help you solve the bigger challenges in your software business:

1. Validate an app idea and prioritise feature set
2. Improve user engagement existing app