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UI/UX designer of business applications. Using design strategically to make your software more profitable.


UI/UX designer focused on delivering business value


You don’t have to hold your designer’s hand and walk him through every step of the project.

When you hire a designer for your software project for the first time, usually, it’s an afterthought. 

“Make it pretty on the way out “ type of deal. Or... 

I get it. You see your product has a “design problem”. People are confused when they try to use it. Feels a bit weird and on the ugly side. But you’re still not sure it’s time to hire a full-time designer. 

I worked for 7 years in a custom software company where I learned great deal. We were two designers and a hundred developers working on different projects. Let’s say design wasn’t a priority. A lot of patchwork and quick fixes, confusing client communication and not much to show in my portfolio. It wasn’t all bad. People were great. Likable, hardworking doing their work to the best of their abilities. But often the lack of process and clarity on projects made things difficult. 

Having been in these situations enough, I started spotting ways to improve the process. And catched myself thinking “we can do better than this”. Yet I’ve never had the guts to push for a change. Until few years ago. 

After working my day job, plus freelancing on the side for a while, I burnt out. And then my daughter was born. This all led me to rethink priorities. And decide to venture on my own. 

I was determined to use what I had learned to help like minded people. Create better terms of engagement that equal better results for both me and the client. 

Since I made this shift I have been a part of bunch of awesome projects. I developed lasting relationships with some cool people who quickly became more than clients. And crafted a small batch of offerings that aim at helping people who want to run lean software building operation.


Hi! My name is Vasil Nedelchev, I’m from Bulgaria. I work as designer of digital products and services. I’ve studied arts and transition to learn design on my own. I have been designing for screens since 2007.