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Streaming services

Live video streaming services of the highest quality in Brussels and the Benelux States.


Streaming Services

Livecasts is live video streaming services of the highest quality in Brussels and the Benelux States.


Web design


As part of
Evermore Team


4 Months

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The website is operating since 2003. Currently each streaming event is viewed by around 100 to 500 unique visitors. In 2016, they opted for a redesign of the platform to improve the overall streaming experience.



1. Boost the user’s pleasure in the interaction and to increase their clients connectivity and visibility.
2. Improving overall look and feel.
3. Make more clear the value proposition on the landing page.
4. Optimise streaming page to increase user engagement.



The Livecasts team provided feedback that they gather from their clients. Also list of new features that need to be added. And layout ideas for the key screens.


Landing page

First we did the landing page. Here was important to make clear value proposition and set expectations. And to nail down the the new look and color scheme.
I drew illustration to visually present the company process and features of their service. Leading to few examples happy customers and the call to action section – Ask for pricing.

Artboard 2.png


Streaming page

On the Streaming page the goal was to increase user engagement by adding a Q&A section and Twitter feed. Also add Program, Speaker bio and Presentation slides. And we had to keep that above the fold alongside video player. So the user can interact and follow the stream at the same time.


Mobile ready

Making it mobile friendly was important, so people can tag along and participate on the move.


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