UI/UX design for enterprise software


UI/UX services for software companies.


UI/UX Design Services for custom enterprise apps

People with startup mindset that value design and have clear business objectives get the most value from my services. 

Design Audit for Enterprise Apps

You have a custom application in your hands. You are the owner or a the person responsible to build and maintain it. You nail down the functionality and the main features. But the product design in not great. It’s not up to your standards or the standards of your prospective clients. You wanted to look and feel like the one or two apps you looked for inspiration while building it or even make it better. 
I will audit the key screens and produce a document packed whit screen-by-screen actionable advice. Commentary on visual style, navigation, user experience and much more.   
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Interactive App Prototype

You have an idea for application and you want to present it to potential investor, partner or your own team. You want proof of concept before investing development. Interactive prototype is a great way to solve all the above. 
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Custom UI/UX Design

For big project you can count on me to gather the requirements from all stakeholders (business, users, dev team). Clear the scope of work by translating requirements to wireframes. Design clean and usable interface. Make Interactive prototype to test out assumptions and getter feedback. 
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