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NGO Intranet

Web App That Centralize Knowledge And Management For A NGO


NGO Intranet

Web App That Centralizes Knowledge And Management For an NGO


UI / UX Design


As part of
Evermore Team

NGO Organization

7 Months


Disclaimer: Due to the sensitive nature of the data in the project and contract obligations I can’t share any screen designs.

The client represents a small community of diplomats who are part of a bigger organization. Attending political and social events, they usually have to deal with a lot of information. One of the key elements here was that all of the members are located literally throughout the world, so they rarely get the chance to meet all together.


The goal was to keep the common knowledge of the organisation’s activities, achievements and internal discussions, up to date. The product meant that we should make the organisation feel comfortable in ditching the variety of services they already used to deal with every bit of its needs (i. e. whatsapp messenger for internal discussions and file sharing, facebook for members management, events management and attendance).




1. Centralize the organization’s management of projects, activities and achievements
2. List all members with detailed contacts, bio, skills and professional history
3. Create a discussions platform
4. Create a document repository


The client was ready to ditch a bouquet of applications to channel all communication in this channel. We had to make sure there is no learning curve for the users with the application. This meant gathering best practices and familiar patterns from around the web, to make sure members with all sorts of technological knowledge can make their way around.
In terms of visual design we had to use an already existing design patterns we previously created for apps for the same organization. And build the new components on top of it.



I work on this project as a sole designer as part of the Evermore team. Taking part of the user experience process and designing the user interface. Supporting the dev team with graphic resources and creating mock-up of new ideas on the fly.