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ERP System for NGO

ERP System That Centralize Knowledge And Management For A NGO


ERP System for NGO

System Of Apps That Simplify Work Within An International Organization

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) is an umbrella organization that caters to the needs of the Jewish communities and organizations in 100 countries around the world.


UI / UX Design


As part of
Evermore Team


2015 - 2017

wjc apps.png

Disclaimer: Due to the sensitive nature of the data in the project and contract obligations I can’t share any screen designs.


The Opportunity

In 2015, WJC engaged Evermore to deliver a database management system. WJC aimed to simplify and improve both the work and communication processes within the organization. With these goals in mind, the team came up with the idea to create a set of tools to internally share, update and use accumulated knowledge and documents.

Evermore asked me to join the team and design this ecosystem of apps that would serve their client.

The task was to make a simple intuitive UI that would not require advanced skills to start using.



We had to come up with a scalable solution for the user interface that could be used across all the apps. When you use all the apps, you need to get the feeling they are part of the same system. And at the same time, the apps must be different enough that it is evident when you are switching between them.
In terms of color palette, we had to stick with blue and all its close relatives so that we didn’t deviate much from the current branding of the organization.



At the time we started the design, Google Material Design was becoming popular and we were all excited about it. It was looking like a good solution for what we wanted to achieve. It quickly became evident that we had to design a lot of custom components to accommodate the client’s needs. But nevertheless, it was a good base to start from.
The initial wireframes were made inside of Sketch App, and after a few iterations they were used as a base for the current design.



To ensure fast turnaround, we worked on a 2–3 day revision cycle. The reviews were made during conference video calls and inside Slack.



I was working on a three-person team. The other members were a product manager who conducted the client interviews and gathered the requirements, and the lead developer of the project who was creating the architecture of the system and kept us on track when it came to the app’s performance. The three of us worked on the user experience. We used user stories created from the collected information from the client.

My role was to mock up ideas we had on the conference calls and create the user interface of all the apps. I prepared a style guide for the dev team for easy handoff, and supported the developers with graphic resources and consultation.



There are five working apps at the moment. Around 200+ active users. We constantly gather feedback from the client and improve the experience. Build new features from time to time and we planning the next additions to this family of apps.