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Design Audit for web applications

Design Audit - Screen-by-screen UI/UX teardown of your web application


Design Audit of your web app 

Eliminate poor unintentional design that slows down your growth

Get constructive, actionable feedback. Learn what kind of small design changes will make the biggest impact. Make your product design reflect your business goals.

One of the biggest design challenges for software founders is keeping a consistent and intentional design for their product in such a fast-paced environment. Adding feature after feature clusters their product and makes it hard to use.

I often hear things like:

  • My customers complain they can’t find how to do “X”

  • We keep getting the same support tickets

  • Users abandon tasks and don’t finish them

  • Trial users don’t convert to paid subscribers

  • Churn rate keeps rising

  • Potential customers complain that the design looks outdated

  • I can’t decide what design changes need to make

There are only two ways your software business can grow. Marketing and product innovation. You can always pay to drive traffic to your product. But if the product is not good enough this leads to poor conversion or worse: they convert, get disappointed and leave.

It’s no coincidence that the top tech companies have executive level design roles. They realize how important design is for the growth of their business.
So, why are you taking chances with the product design?

When your app design works in your favor

You have an experienced UI/UX professional that is not just making a pretty image. Instead, I can help you align your business goals with your user's needs and translate that into an intentional software design. 
That way you can be proud of the product you are selling and it actually becomes easier to sell. Your product is intuitive; users don’t need to read the help article on every step.

When users' needs are met and your business goals are taken into consideration your app makes:

  • More Sales

  • Has better user engagement

  • Faster task completion

  • Reduction of support tickets

What exactly do you get with this Design Audit? 

The audit itself is between a 15 - 20 page document in PDF format and includes but is not limited to:

  • Short synthesize of a version of your product strategy that will serve as a guiding light of this audit

  • Visual style assessment - colors, fonts, whitespace, icons etc.

  • Dashboard/Home screen commentary

  • Navigation assessment and recommendations

  • Suggested improvements based on best UX practices

  • Onboarding suggestions

  • Suggestions on implementation. It is important to put the easiest tasks with the most impact upfront so you can get some wins quickly.

  • Suggested plan for implementation for the more elaborate improvements

I will pick up to 7 key screens and do a detailed teardown on each one. More complex layout suggestions may include a wireframe visualization.

You can pick from two versions of this audit:

Basic package

Include everything mentioned above, plus a 30-minutes consultation call to provide you with extra guidance for implementation.
This package takes up to 10 business days after our initial call.
Deliverables for Basic package:

  • PDF Audit document (15-20 pages)

  • 30-minute consultation call

Premium package

Includes everything from the Basic package plus redesign work of the key screens. So you are getting recommendations applied and ready for hands-off work to the dev team and a complementary UI kit to help you keep design consistency on all screens.
This package takes up to 15 business days after our initial call.
Deliverables for Premium package:

  • PDF Audit document (15-20 pages)

  • 30-minute consultation call

  • Redesign (using Sketch App) for up to 7 screens

  • UI kit

You can always start with the basic package and upgrade to Premium later.

This Design Audit is offered with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied by the results you can request a refund, no questions asked.


Who will determine the key scene?

I will. Most of the time obviously. I focus on the most important and frequently used tasks.

What if I want more than 7 screens to be redesigned?

You can request additional screens at 440€ per screen.

I’m very busy. How much time do I need to allocate for this audit to happen? 

  • We have one initial call where you will walk me through your web application. We can use Skype or Zoom. Be prepared to share your screen and answer some questions. This call is typically between 1 and 2 hours.

  • Be ready to grant me access to your app so I can explore further after the call

  • You will receive the audit via email for review

  • We can do a 30 minutes review call where you can request small changes. This can be done through email. It’s your choice.


Okay, I'd like to request a Design Audit!

Please schedule a consultation to talk about details and see if I can make a difference in your project.