UI/UX design for business software

Consultation call

60-minutes consultation call

60-Minutes Consultation Call

Current Price $300


You need to move quickly but you are facing a design problem with a no clear solution. Get a quick one-on-one session with me and walk me through your problem. This consultation will be worth it for you if:

  • You need to quickly deal with a design problem
  • You have the resources to solve a problem but you lack ideas
  • Your new feature is ready for deploy but you need to polish the design
  • You are challenged by a complex and confusing workflow that you need to simplify

I will be straightforward with actionable advice on visual design, usability and product strategy. During these 60-minutes you can share your screen and ask me anything related to product design.

What is included:

  • 60-minute video call with screen share if needed. We use Skype or Zoom
  • Email from me with a summary of the key points
  • You or your team can follow-up with questions or request a quick review via email 

Book a consultation

If you are ready for a call please book a time slot on my calendar. I will follow-up with payment instructions and more details.