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Broadband Workforce App


Broadband Workforce App

Organizing and optimizing the workflow for one of the fastest growing broadband internet providers in India.


Excitel wanted to standardize and improve the workflow processes. They hired me to design an easy-to-adopt Android mobile app that will be used by their employees and partners. The app will allow them to accomplish daily tasks faster and follow company procedure.   


UI / UX Design


As part of
Scaleforce Team


June 2017 - Present



Excitel is one of the fastest-growing ISP Broadband providers in India. They have a unique network of partners that allows them to deliver a fast internet connection without any consumption constraints. That’s a rare service in the areas they cover.


The Challenge

They wanted to create an Android app that facilitates all main workflows to be used by employees and partners at the same time. This is a pretty unique situation because the app should follow company procedure but at the same time must be flexible enough and accommodate their partner's specific needs. It needed to be taken into account that for some of the people using the app this will be their first encounter with smartphone, in addition to the fact that everything should be in English.


Project Goals

1. Ensure the smallest possible learning curve
2. Simplify complex workflows
3. Make it compatible with older Android versions
4. Design for fast development and performance


The Process

Getting to know Indian people and their working culture from a distance
I had a number of conversations and interviews with people from the Bulgarian team that had first-hand experience of working with and managing our Indian colleagues. This was my most valuable resource for knowledge. Parallel with that I read everything I could find on the internet related to the topic. I also reached out and had a conversation with an Indian UX research specialist that give me some clues as to how to organize and get feedback as a foreigner.

It quickly became apparent that using wireframes or even high-fidelity prototypes for user testing was not going to work. We had to build it in stages and test after. By doing so we would avoid confusion and misleading feedback. 


Workflow architecture
Understanding and mapping out the structure of the app was made in an extremely lean way. We had very few written documents. So, the task flow structure was made with close collaboration with the product director and the rest of the dev team. We went through a large number of conversations, sketching on paper and whiteboard. We tested internally ideas with quick design mock-ups. A lot of initial ideas were dropped until we had a workflow that was simple enough, fulfilled the business goals and met the needs of employees and partners. 


Refining the UI design
The design had to be utilitarian, keeping things simple. One main action on screen, no bells and whistles. The color palette was inherited from the Excitel visual identity. Standard Android components were used as much as possible to ensure quick development and easy version support. At the same time the UI design had to facilitate the unique task flow we created. 



Simple task flow
All workflows are broken down to small steps, to be complete one after the other.


Sales Teams
See your real-time sales stats with weekly targets. Generate new leads and complete the full sales process. Request for installation to the right Excitel partner.


Partners Team Lead
See team performance stats and revenue. Has the ability to assign tasks to team members. See all team members’ locations on map.


Partners Field Engineers
Receive notifications for repair tasks.
See all details for all of the tasks assigned to them. Set an appointment with the subscriber.


Partners Payment Collector
Receive notifications for pending payment collections.
See a list of all upcoming renewals that were last paid in cash.
Set an appointment with the subscriber.
Complete collection tasks.