UI/UX designer for business software

UI/UX designer

I help startups create better business applications by using UI/UX design strategically.


UI/UX designer

I help startups create better business software by using UI/UX design strategically.


Who is this for?

You are a specialist in your industry, but you don’t have much experience with designing software. You have the vision and you need help with the details. You like to see results faster, not wait months for development. You need an ally who’s been there and knows what to do. 



Hi, I’m Vasil

I help startups design business applications or improve existing ones by using design strategically.
Most designers get it wrong. Design is not about making things pretty and user-friendly. That’s a given. UI/UX design is much more powerful than that. It’s a strategic tool for solving real business challenges, rapidly.



Recent projects

HR Web App
Helping HR teams in the European Union become more efficient with business trip documentation

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Broadband Workforce App
Optimized employee workflow for one of the fastest growing broadband internet providers in India.

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How I can help

I can help you to design the first version of your application, clear vague ideas and testing assumptions quickly. Reduce development cost. Eliminate poor design from your existing application and Improve the overall UI and UX design.


Get clear on the details of what you want to build and why - Use proven UX design practices in the form of workshops, design audits, interviews – where we can answer key questions and clarify goals.


Design the concept together - map out how your product should work. Use low-fi sketching to decide the main features on screens. Creating a high-fidelity interactive prototype that looks and feels like the real software - ready for testing by real users and stakeholders.


Create a high-fidelity user interface design. Align with the company branding and business goals. Design it with scalability in mind. And support the development team in the implementation phase.